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Konstantin V. Arkhangelsky:
® candidate Phys. mat. Sciences, USSR,
® Doctor honoris causa, the Kingdom of Belgium,
® top manager of 20 years of experience, Ukraine.

I advise bosses: Directors, Chairmen of the Board, Presidents of Companies.

My advice is not a theory but a personal experience, the son of hard errors (с): 1, 2, 3.My working career is here, about my feats of labor much has been written, for example, that newspaper "Комсомольська правда" is writing about myself.

Topics (the full list is here):

How a manager can build a right relationship with shareholders (founders) to work without nerves and calm enriched. Contract.

How the manager can extinguish requests subordinates about salary increase quickly and painlessly.

How to buy property (including property complex or just flat) and did not get along with the purchase of the unfortunate misfortune.

How to gain tenants free areas, so nothing to care for and receive live cash.

Some of my resent clients:

Rybchuk Victor, CEO of the clinic " Oberig", former Assistant of Minister of Health Protection of Ukraine

Prikhod'ko Roman Nikolaevich, general director of the plant "Farmastart" (factory is the largest tax payer in Solomenskiy district of Kiev)

I take no hourly pay, and for consultation, taken to its logical end.
Average counseling several times cheaper seredney salary of the director.

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